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Tax & Financial Planning

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Finacial and Tax Planing in Panama City Beach, Florida

Whether planning for retirement or for a child's college education, financial planning is the cornerstone for meeting your goal. We help individual and business clients with a full array of planning tools. Our planning also incorporates tax and estate planning.  Schedule a FREE Consultation at Our Panama City Beach Location or we can also phone conference or Skype for our out of town clients.

Building and preserving your personal wealth requires discipline and specialized attention. We offer the following financial planning services with our one-on-one attention:


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1.     Comprehensive Financial Planning

We assist individuals and families who need a blue print for a more secured financial future develop a comprehensive financial plan.  A comprehensive financial plan includes cash management, education planning, income tax planning, taking advantage of Tax benefits, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management.  We develop each plan individually to meet your specific needs.   

2.     Select-Goal Planning

We help individuals and families meet specific financial goals such as dealing with a life changing events, purchasing a home, planning for retirement, saving for education or assessing insurance needs.  We will research, analyze and compare alternatives and provide our unbiased advice to facilitate your decision making process.

4.     Fiscal Check-up

We provide a quick review of your financial situation based on information provided by you and make recommendations.


We will help you...

  • Save enough for a comfortable retirement by identifying your retirement needs, analyzing your assets and sources of retirement income, reviewing estimated shortfalls, and identifying the best ways to save for retirement given your financial situation and risk tolerance.
  • Save for higher education by estimating the amount of money you'll need, analyzing your assets, reviewing estimated shortfalls and considering general alternatives and strategies to help address these potential shortfalls, and developing an optimal savings plan given your financial situation and risk tolerance.
  • Protect your family against unexpected events by ensuring you have enough money in your emergency fund and analyzing your life, disability, health, home, and auto insurance coverage.
  • Achieve your investment goals by reviewing your spending plan and recommending steps to create surplus, identifying steps needed to maximize your investment returns based on your needs and risk tolerance.
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