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IRS Representation

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Don't ever call a 1-800 number to resolve your Tax Problems!

Most of those 1-800 firms are just sales people trying to get you to pay a big fee up front.  And then just use delay tatics with IRS to milk you for more while never really trying to resolve your issue while penalties and interest continue.  We are a Acounting and Tax firm in Panama City Beach Florida with Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Enrolled Agents (EA) who have experience representing some of the world's largest corporations before the IRS.  We can also provide you with refernces of individuals and businesses we have helped.


We work closely with you to help resolve:

  • IRS Tax Issues/Tax Problems

  • IRS Tax Penalties

  • IRS Tax Levies

  • Tax Liens

  • Tax Garnishment

  • Trust Fund Penalties

  • Offer in Compromise

  • 100% Penalty

  • Statute of Limitations

We know how to deal with technically difficult and sensitive issues and have the skills and experience to resolve your issues completly. Call us today to be sure that all of your rights are protected and that you pay only your lowest legal possible tax.  We can with:

  • Back Taxes/Returns for Personal & Business Income Taxes
  • IRS Representation
  • IRS Appeals
  • Collection Appeal
  • IRS Installment Plans
  • Delinquent Returns
  • Late Payment/Filing of Payroll Tax Returns
  • Wage Levies
  • Tax Advocacy
  • Tax Mitigation/Elimination

At Perdue, Skinner & Nixon, we work to make the complex simple while addressing open tax monies to maximize the return on your efforts. Frequently tax representation issues allow us to evaluate many items in determining that only your lowest legal possible tax is reflected:

  • Amending Tax Returns
  • Filing of Past Returns
  • Evaluating & Determining Tax Elections
  • Determination of Filing Status
  • Review of Past Filed Returns

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Surviving an IRS Audit

How Audits are Selected
Learning about how audits are selected is the first step to discovering how to overcome the emotional and financial distress that normally occurs as part of the audit process. Lifting this veil will help keep you on an even keel in learning how to deal with the IRS audit.

When the IRS Notice Arrives
Rather than beginning the process in fear, discover how you can better prepare yourself so that you are not surprised at the audit process and its ultimate results. By seeing through to the other side you can best ready yourself to close your audit with no adjustments and no additional monies due.

Working with the IRS

Solving IRS Tax Issues
Don't fight the IRS but work with them to resolve your tax problems. Discover a myriad of legal ways the IRS is eager and willing to work with you to resolve any unpaid debts, penalties, and interest.

Paying Your Taxes - Withholding and Extensions
Paying your taxes made easy. This section will enable you to quickly grasp the general guidelines of tax law requiring that you pay taxes as you earn money. As well, extensions and their uses and limitations are disclosed and discovered.

How to Avoid an IRS Audit
Discover simple steps that you can do to help prevent an IRS audit. Though the tax code is at times very difficult to understand and comply, these basic simple steps will help you avoid an IRS audit.

Trust Fund Monies (Payroll and Sales Taxes)
The monies that a business collects from employers for payroll and sales taxes are required by law to be held in trust and then remitted to the IRS/FL. Failure to do so can result in the responsible parties being assessed these tax monies personally.

Employment Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Both the IRS and the state of Florida tax law require employers to withhold and submit to them trust fund taxes on a timely basis. Failure to do so can expose responsible personnel to a personal assessment of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

IRS Payment Plans & Installment Agreements
If you do not qualify for options available to address your open IRS tax monies, frequently setting up an IRS Installment Agreement is a viable alternative to working with the IRS to pay your debt and to avoid enforced collection efforts.

Solving IRS Tax Problems: Submitting an Offer in Compromise
When all else fails and if you qualify, the IRS and Florida both have a program which will enable you to work to solve the severest tax problems.

Understanding an IRS Tax Levy & Your Rights
Being sure you fully understand your rights is essential in surviving the Tax Levy Process. Learn what you can do to be sure you are fully protected and represented.

Utilizing IRS Installment Plans to Pay Your Past Due Taxes
The IRS has long been in the business of helping taxpayers get back into the system to ensure that taxpayers are able to pay their taxes over time. For those who do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise or to pay the taxes and interest in full, while seeking penalty abatement, an Installment Plan is a prudent and wise choice and alternative to get your past taxes due paid and current.

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